Perugia is about one hour away from Garden Hotel along the highway E45. It’s built on a big hill, Perugia is halfway between an etruscan and medieval village and a modern college town, full of secrets to disclose.

It’s really a wonderful town, universally known for many charming places to visit. Among many others the Rocca Paolina, commissioned by Pope Paul III Farnese in 1540, at the end of the salt war was designed by Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane and today is used to host exhibitions and the escalators that lead to the city centre. The beautiful Palazzo dei Priori was built in different stages: the first in the years 1293 – 1297 and the second in 1335 and today is seat  of the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria that houses a wonderful collection of Italian art masterpieces from XIII to XIX century (among the others works by Duccio di Boninsegna, Gentile da Fabriano, Beato Angelico, Benozzo Gozzoli, Piero della Francesca, Pintoricchio, Perugino, Orazio Gebentileschi, Gian Lorenzo Bernini). You can’t miss Corso Vannucci, the main street of the ancient town, that ends in “Piazza IV Novembre” with the  beautiful Fontana Maggiore built in 1278 and the “Arco Etrusco” the entrance to the ancient etruscan town.

Perugia is seat of many important events such as Umbria Jazz, in the summertime and Eurochocolate, the great festival of chocolate.

If you have time, on the way back to Terni, you can visit the little town of Deruta, known for its typical ceramics.


We suggest you: Driving north from Perugia we suggest to visit the Trasimeno Lake,  the ideal place to spend a day in outside close to nature even in its small but charming islands. In the lake there are three islands: Isola Polvese, the largest one, Isola Maggiore and Isola Minore. We suggest you the tour of the islands by ferry starting from San Feliciano where you can easily park your car. You can also make the circumnavigation of the entire Lake, even with your bike.
Perugia is about 50 miles from Garden Hotel and you can reach the by car or train. Our staff will be happy to help you with more information.