San Gemini

San Gemini it’s a medieval village of ancient pre-Roman origin. It’s really lovely and you can easily and quickly reach it for a short-term visit or as the starting point of a one day journey to Todi, Assisi or Perugia. We suggest you to enter the main village door and walk along the tiny streets to enjoy all the little all the details of this charming place and its main attraction such as the Palazzo Vecchio and the churches of san Francesco, the Tempio di san Giovanni Battista and San Gemine. Outside the city walls you can easily reach walking the XI century Abbazia di san Nicolò a real jewel of medieval art.

If you are here in the period from the last saturday of September and the second Sunday of October you can’t miss the “Giostra dell’Arme”, an historical re-enactment to appreciate medieval times both in terms of lifestyle and food.

We suggest you: To visit the the ancient roman town of Carsulae, a few miles away from San Gemini. It’s really beautiful, both from an archeological and natural perspective. A special suggestion for you: wait there until the sunset to take photos, you won’t regret it! You can take advantage of the time available to hiking in the nature.

Sangemini is only 6 miles away from Garden Hotel and you can reach the by car or bus. Our staff will be happy to help you with more information.