Valnerina and Norcia

We strongly suggest you to plan a day to travel along Valnerina road that leads from Terni to Sibillini Mountains. Valnerina is the green valley of the Nera river  which is characterised by medieval towers, abbeys, small villages and a beautiful natural landscape made of mountains, trees and colored flowers. A valley of everlasting beauty where the life seems to have stopped for a long time. You’ll have a great time here with ancient legends and traditional flavors.

You can start the route from the Marmore Falls direction Norcia. You’ll gaze at nice villages such as Arrone, Casteldilago, Montefranco and Ferentillo some of them uninhabited (Umbriano, Scoppio, Tassinare…) and walk on beautiful trails   in the green. Near Ferentillo you can visit the wonderful Abbazia di San Pietro in Valle. Another village that we suggest you to visit is Scheggino,  where you could visit medieval remains including the city walls, the watch-towers, the doors and the bastions of the castle.

In all the Valnerina valley you’ll have the chance to taste the black truffle served in traditional or new ways in restaurant and small “trattorie”.

Norcia is a beautiful town in the area of Monti Sibillini National Park, with a Roman and Medieval past, visible in the churches, in the city walls and doors. It’s a quiet town renowned for the “Norcineria” products, a great variety of salami that we can bring at home to remind Umbria!


We suggest you:  to visit the Castelluccio plain, a great plain in the heart of Sibillini National Park, famous for its excellent small lentils and in June for the stunning view of the “Fiorita”,  a sea of colored flowers that will surprise you.

Marmore Waterfalls, the starting point of our trip in Valnerina are only 6 miles away from Garden Hotel. Our staff will be happy to help you with more information.